Isaiah 58:11

3 thoughts on “Isaiah 58:11

  1. Once, forever  and for all ,

    We all have a call ,

    To play a role ,

    Whether big or small , short or tall ,

    Be and do  the best you can

    to just play that role ,

    To grow more and more ,

    In the path of love roll and roll ,

    Love is beyond control ,

    To ride the  waves of  sea hall,

    Do  rise up even after  you  fall ,

    reborn with the divine , you recall…

    Transcending your body  ,

    You have a spirit  and a soul,

    In dark  times,   all would  console …

    Tap into the  infinity of God to recall, 

    So that walls of prisons shall fall,

    Apart To bring liberation , 

    eternally  after all , …

    Decode and Reporgram the matrix  ,

    For justice and awareness to install ,

    Nourish  the forests  in one land and all ,

    For Becoming    better as a whole ,

    drops of rain would  gather and scroll  ,

    Blessings brought  to us as   a waterfall, …

    Be grateful for all that is all in all ,

    No matter how large or small ,

    Be it in the spring or the fall     ,

    All could shine brightly ,  completely  sacredly and  whole ,

    Once , forever and overall …

    ( console means help )

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